Cutting reinforced concrete

We cut reinforced concrete with a method that excludes or minimizes: shocks, noise and dust.

We have:
- HILTI and TRACTIVE wall saws that allow cutting up to 1,000 mm deep,
- HITACHI, BOSCH, HILTI, PARTNER hand saws which allows cutting reinforced concrete with a thickness up to
   200 mm, where the use of a wall saw is not possible.

In the case of large-size surfaces, we cut reinforced concrete with a diamond rope. This technique also allows us to cut elements with a heterogeneous structure or irregular shape.

We have almost 15 years of experience in drilling reinforced concrete and concrete. The experience we have gained during the modernization of wastewater treatment plants, industrial facilities, as well as the demolition of bridges and viaducts allows us to undertake even unusual tasks and their implementation at the highest level.

We provide the service of cutting reinforced concrete throughout the country and abroad.
We are prepared to operate 24 hours a day. Call us and ask for details!