Precise demolition with BROKK robots

We offer precise demolition works with the use of remote-controlled BROKK robots. We carry out demolition works in hard-to-reach and dangerous zones where precision and efficiency are essential.

The BROKK demolition machine is designed for:

  • demolition thanks to excellent performance in a small size,
  • making punctures,
  • crushing and cutting reinforced concrete with jaws,
  • digging thanks to the possibility of changing the attachment to a bucket,
  • material transport,
  • work in hazardous conditions,
  • the machine is remotely controlled, thanks to which the operator can control it from outside the danger zone,
  • work indoors and outdoors,
  • thanks to the electric drive, BROKKA can be used for work in confined spaces, where it is forbidden to use machines with combustion engines,
  • work in hazardous environments, where the machine is exposed to e.g. falls, hazardous substances or very high temperatures,
  • work in environments classified as "at risk of fire".
We are prepared to operate 24 hours a day.
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