JUMAR s.c. Technika Diamentowa (Diamond Technique) is a company which is active in the constriction field, involved in specialized construction work related to drilling and cutting (in reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, stone), milling, shot peening, flat surfaces grinding and selective demolition inside buildings.

JUMAR “Diamont Technique – specialized cutting, drilling in reinforced concrete” has been working since 1998. We have professional machines and qualified staff so our service are made quickly and at the highest level. Our offer contains:

  • Holes drilling (any diameter, any length of drilling)
  • Cutting with wall-saws (ceilings, walls, foundations)
  • Cutting with running-saws (dilatations, asphalt and reinforced concrete cutting)
  • Cutting with wire-saw (any shape, any thickness)
  • Concrete milling (bridges, viaducts, industrial floor)
  • Concrete shot peening (bridges, viaducts, industrial floor)
  • Concrete grinding (bridges, viaducts, industrial floor)
  • Selective demolition with remote-controlled robots or manual with pneumatic drill and jackhammers
  • Reinforced concrete construction strengthening using composite tapes.
  • Making fire protection (for dilatation, cable passes, channels and installation passes).

The protections are made in fire resistance classes as required.