Cutting concrete and reinforced concrete with diamond wire saws

The diamond technique is a cutting method that excludes or minimizes: shocks, noise and dust.

Diamond wire cutting requires a large amount of water to cool and flush the sludge from the cutting site. If necessary, we collect water and sludge with industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power, which significantly reduces the effects of flooding with water. When planning a diamond cut, you should consider the need to use additional security on your own or include them in the inquiry sent to our company. However, you always have to reckon with the necessity to repaint walls or ceilings after such a service, because security measures never guarantee 100% effectiveness. Therefore, it is best to perform these works in the building shell.

Large-size structures are cut with a diamond wire. This method also allows you to cut objects with a heterogeneous structure or irregular shape. Thanks to the possibility of using a wire saw, the dimensions of the cut elements do not constitute any restrictions for us. We have various variants of devices that we use depending on the conditions on the site and the customer's needs.

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