Shock-free drilling of holes in concrete and reinforced concrete with diamond drill rigs

We make boreholes in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and stone structures.

Diamond drilling requires the use of water for cooling and flushing sludge from the drilled hole. If necessary, we collect water and sludge with industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power, which significantly reduces the effects of flooding with water. When planning holes with the diamond technique, you should first consider the need for additional security measures on your own or include them in the inquiry sent to our company. However, you always have to reckon with the necessity to repaint walls or ceilings after such a service, because security measures never guarantee 100% effectiveness. Therefore, this work is best done in the building shell.

  • Thanks to the extensive machine park, we have the ability to perform work on many positions at the same time.
  • We have electric and hydraulic drilling rigs allowing for drilling holes with diameters from ∅10 mm to ∅1200 mm and any drilling depth.
  • We are able to solve our clients' problems with drilling holes in densely reinforced reinforced concrete for anchors, culverts for installations or even storm sewers.
  • If necessary, we can also drill several meters long holes in the viaduct, in the castle walls and in the hot blast furnace.
  • We are able to adjust the parameters of diamond crowns to the class of reinforced concrete so that the efficiency and time of our work satisfy our customers.
  • The only limitation of the scale of our services are your expectations. However, there has not yet been a case of our client receiving an answer from us that such drilling cannot be performed.
We are prepared to operate 24 hours a day.
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