Bonding of chemical anchors

For many years, we have been providing the service of gluing anchors or reinforcing reinforcement.

We have been repeatedly trained in this area by the anchor manufacturer HILTI. We have the appropriate certificates in this area. In 2014, we were the first company in Poland to undergo further training at HILTI in the field of reinforcement loading methods, according to the latest standards and requirements on construction sites. We guarantee the highest quality in this area, through strict adherence to the manufacturer's guidelines as well as many years of experience. We have already provided technical support at the construction site in the selection of the type of anchors, depending on the expected parameters. Cheap pasting resins are appearing more and more on the market. Unfortunately, the low price does not go hand in hand with high quality, especially durability. Many of these products are very cheap because their ingredients age, or they are designed for indoor use because they are not weatherproof. If you want to sleep in peace, call us.

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